Hinrichtungen 2018: min. 690 plus 'Tausende' in China

Derek C.

My name is Derek and I've been on Arizona's Death Row since 2007. While it feels like a lot longer than this I keep a positive state of mind with the hope of someday getting of death row in the future. I'm a naturally positive person and I'd like to have a pen friend who is also a positive person. 've found that keeping a positive state of mind is important here.
Recently death row was moved from a lock down prison to a more open prison where I'm now able to leave my cell and have a more normal life outside my cell. I love being outside so going to rec is a must for me. When I go to rec I try to stay active. I'm pretty athletic and being 6'4 it helps a lot being tall when we play basketball and volleyball. I also run and workout while out a rec. I have a lot of friends on death row and we talk and play cards when we're out in the pod. I'm a loyal person to my friends and people in my life, and I'll be a loyal pen friend as well. I also keep busy even in my down time. I like to read, and watch movies, and listen to music. I also have hobbies such as making stuffed animals, and making crafts out of string that I spin. I also have a job working 5 days a week in the kitchen. I clean dishes as well as being part of a cleaning crew that cleans the cafeteria. After being locked in a cell for so many years, it's great being able to have a job. It's a reminder that we're still human.
While I'm in prison I don't let this define who I am. Everyday I try to better myself and to make a positive impact in someones life. I'm also a single dad to an 18 year old daughter Kaylee and while her mom and I are no longer together I have been able to remain an active part of my daughters life and a Dad to her. Kaylee lives with my parents and we talk a lot on the phone and she comes to visit me often. She was born when I was 18, but despite being so young I did all I could to be a good Dad. I'm thankful to my parents for helping me raise her. I have an amazing and supportive family which I'm so thankful for. With having a job and supportive family I want my pen friend to know I'll NEVER ask for money. I want a pen friend for friendship not money.
With this said, I want you to know that I'm a sincere, honest, loyal person. If you're looking for a person who's committed to writing often and will constantly be there for you then that's me.
I'll be reliable and I'll always write back as soon as I receive your letters. We can talk about anything and everything, so any topic is okay with me. I know this has been a brief description of myself so feel free to ask anything you'd like. Also please tell me about yourself. What things make you smile in life? Finally, I promise to ALWAYS treat you with the respect you deserve. I'll be a person who appreciates you and I'll never take your for granted.
You can talk to me and know I'm listening and that I care.
I'll be looking forward to receiving a letter from you. Until then have a great day.
Sincerley, Derek


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