Hinrichtungen 2018: min. 690 plus 'Tausende' in China

Perry A.


My name is Eddie R. I'm on Death Row in the United States. "I know right....what a BUMMER!" Haha :)
I hope you are doing well!
I received your address from a friend, because I am very interested in a pen friend. I hope, that's ok!?
Can I give you my info, yes, can you throw it away, yes, haha!
But please don't!
Well I'm 30 yr's old, I've been looked up, since I was 19. I would like some one close to my age. Hopefully a girl, because I'm surrounded by men all day, "Make's sense...." I want some one I can talk about music with, I like pretty much everything, Rock, Pop, Rap, E.d.M.. Dead Mause, is pretty cool.
I would like to learn about Germany and your culture, I'm Mexican and Irish and have lived in the United States my whole life, I was born here in Arizona. I've got a weird personality and like to laugh. Please set me up with some one, who you think got a good sense of humour and isn't to serious. I spell like crap. But will check in my dictionary from now on.
Please pass on my letter!!!
take care. Oh! I don't speak or write Germany! But will try!

With lot's of love!


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