Hinrichtungen 2018: min. 690 plus 'Tausende' in China

Homer R.

I'm here on Death Row in Arizona for a crime I did not do.
It seems I'm a scape goat for a corrupt U.S, Customs Dept and CLA but it's hard to get help.
The courts have all issued subpoenas to retrieve the hard man's eiles.
He was a snitch recruited from prison. There's proof that citizens are used to help U.S. Customs then go down for the crime when caught - Guilty or not.
The U.S. is so evil of coruption especially in government DepTs.
Sen. John McCain said it's not his job. So did Sen. Flake.
So I'll wait for the Federal Judges to decide my case.
I was told I should get a new trial.
I hope anyway.
I've written thousands of poems and written ten books.
Hillbillies and Comanches - Commical Western Hillbillies on the move.
I'm a hillbilly and love Kentucky ways.
I hold (2) U.S. Patents.
1 for 'Skoal Bandits' and 2 for 'Grind N Brew' Coffee maker.
I don't held a degree but have pursue a higher education in several colleges.
I'm a member in several groups, that help others. Masonic Lodge and others.
I've also played music in a country band. Lead guitarist in Bobby Helms Band. He wrote Frauline (?), Special Angel and Jingle Bell Rock.
I was 12 years old when I wrote 'Apache'.
I'm 73 soon to be 74.
I don't get much mail but would love some pen pals.
I don't really like nasty letters but I do understand the desire.
I would love to communicate with females with similar desires, and age.
I'm not racist and also love to help people.
Thank you

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