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Wayne P.

I've been on Arizona's Death Row since 2000. It does feel like much longer. Though keeping myself occupied and being such a positive person is definitely a huge help. I'd like a penfriend who is also a positive person. I keep a good outlook and am supportive to those around me. Here at the prison, my daily routine consist of going outside for rec, where I'm able to chat with guys from other pods, workout (which I always try and encourage others to do) and feeding the birds. I also have a porter job that allows me to walk freely in my pod to clean, a couple hours, 5 times a week. I'm very energetic and somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to things, whether it's cleaning or fixing stuff, I always do my best. I attend classes each week, which focus on social values. This is great because it gives my group the opportunity to speak with others face to face.

After being locked in a cell alone for so many years, it's a nice reminder that we're still human, even if the prison wants us to think otherwise. Thankfully, there are positive changes being made throughout the unit that all will benefit from. One which is, I'm able to sit at our pod table and play games with my upstairs neighbor. Though we're cuffed to the table with only one hand free, it is alot of fun playing monopoly deal, UNO, dominos, sorry and connect four - all of which the prison supplies. It definitely gives us something to look forward to each week.

I'm a simple guy who just takes things one day at a time. I will be a terrific, and supportive friend to anyone who will take the time to write and get to know me. I have many interests and I would really enjoy hearing about your daily life. We can discuss any topics. I have a lot of different passions, but at the moment I've been doing hobby crafts, such as making friendship bracelets by dyeing socks different colors, using colored paper. It's a long process, but totally worth it. I enjoy drawing, and coloring, cartoons. Making handmade cards makes holidays extra special. I keep pretty busy.

I don't have contact with my family (their choice) except my mom. Her and my step-dad come visit once a year, which is always wonderful. I keep intouch with my mom regularly, with phone calls and letters. I'm very grateful she's in my life. She moved us kids out here to Arizona, from Virginia, when I was ten years old to escape my very abusive father. This was hard on me because I was still to young to understand the ramifications of what was happening. Once we arrived here in Arizona the family pretty much abandoned me. Going through all of it was extremely painful, especially alone.

With this said, it may be the reason I'm such a decent friend. To me, friendship is forever, which will become clear to you as ours grows. I suppose this is all for now, but I will be looking forward to receiving a letter from you. Until then, have a happy day.

Sincerely yours,


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