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Franklin L.

Hello my name is Franklin.

I am currently serving time on California's death row at San Quintin state prison.
With an optimistic mind I am waiting for an appeal and a review by the appellate courts from hi erroneus convictions/sentence.
I decided to no longer hold back on ome of my deepest wants and needs. It is time to allow the 'spiritual' compelling force' within me to seek 'the many blessings' that God has mad available to us. That includes taking advantage of this precious opportunity to connect and establish a sincere and meaningful friendship through correspondence. I am hoping to find someone who is willing to empathize with my unfortunate situation here in prison by possibly providing me with moral support and uplifting my spirits. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and feelings and hearing about you.
If my circumstances were different I believe I would connect and communicate with someone in my predicament. I would have brighten the day of someone who is subjected to the gloomy atmosphere of prison environment.
Please find it in your heart to write to me so that we mgiht exchange some thoughts one interests such as politics, economics, traveling, spirituality, reading, sport, music, family, and social activities. I would also like to hear about your opinion of California death penatly issues.

I am hoping to hear from you soon!
Much love and appreciation,

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