Hinrichtungen 2018: min. 690 plus 'Tausende' in China

Milton P.


My name is Milton P. = I'm reaching out to fin a friend, Pen-Pal or just someone to share a smile with?

I was born 12/4/67 in Portland Oregon, but moved to California with my family at a very young age. As it is. I am many miles and many years from home family and friends.. Growing up I had different odd jobs as all kids do. but I ended up racing Semi-pro motor cross for a few years.

Trouble found me in my youth and I later awoke to find myself struggling to survive in the harsh realities of San Quentins Death Row. Refusing to accept that my life is ruin ed or wasted, I continually challenge myself. I've finished school and taken a couple college classes. I exercise to stay healthy and alert. I enjoy great music, Older rock and country. I find comfort in my art-work; making small posters and creating the perfect greeting cards. It would be amazing to show and share my art with others. I would like to correspond with a strong minded woman who would like to share thoughts and feelings about life and maybe get to know me like on one ever has? I'm not looking to play mind games. A compassionate friend who wants to write a man that once stumbled but didn't fall.

I appreciate your time and hope you write

Have a nice day



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