Hinrichtungen 2018: min. 690 plus 'Tausende' in China

Paul W.


My name is Paul and I am currently incarcerated here at San Quentin where I have been for more than 20 years.

I am a Death Row inmate and to say the least the situation is not a very pleasant one as you might be able to imagine.

For the majority of my years here I have spent my time with absolutely no friends-inside of this prison or outside of it that I could communicate with on a friendship or purely social level which, as it has turned out, in many ways has only served to aggravate and further depress the situation as there has been no one available for me to turn to that would allow me to concentrate on things aside from what I cannot avoid each day.

I am now actively trying to change that situation and I know that I can find this change through your true friendship.

If this is something that you are willing to to share with me I am sure that I will provide to you a true, very real and happy friendship - you might be saying “aw wait a minute, I don’t know”- judging by my picture and I am sorry that I did not have a smiling photo but due to my circumstances this is the only photo that I can provide, still I can guarantee you that through our friendship there will be many, many smiles found in the future.


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Letzte Aktualisierung: Mai 2018


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Sie sind nicht allein!

Wenn man einem Gefangenen im Todestrakt schreibt, kann es immer wieder vorkommen, dass man mit Dingen konfrontiert wird, die man sonst noch nie erlebt hat.

Hier hilft eine starke Gemeinschaft von Gleichgesinnten, die sich untereinander austauschen können. Werden Sie Mitglied!

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