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Elijah J.

Hi, my name is Elijah and I´m 39 years old, I´m currently residing on Texas Death Row! Well, being on Death Row I´ve fallen to one of the lowest points in my life! Only to find out I don’t have nobody or no one in my corner! All my family and friends have abandoned and forsaken me!

For the last 13 years I´ve been strong and pushed on and tried not to allow the abandonment to effect me! But time and stress can wear a person down, so I´ve become lonely! But what effects and hurt the most is that I´ve always been a good person at heart to my family and friends. I was always there for them when they needed me! If they were in need of anything, I went out of my to make sure they got what they needed! But my family and friends have forsaken me at a time I really needed them the most! They don’t realize how much a letter, a card, a visit, and some pictures mean to a person in prison! It´s those things that a person in prison looks forward to. Without those things in your life you become the victim of loneliness in prison!
At this point loneliness have me wanting someone to talk to, someone just to share my feelings and thoughts with! I´m really looking for a true blue friend! Someone I can write to and laugh with, joke with, talk about serious worldly stuff with, and fill this void of loneliness in my life! If you´re looking for someone with a sense of humor who will make you laugh, but also can hold a good and interesting conversation, you can write me!

I´m the type of person I love to be pushed and challenged mentally and intelligently. That’s what stimulates my mind! I can really enjoy and also appreciate a good conversation! I´m very open minded, so I´m always open to hear other people´s view, opinions, beliefs, and thoughts in life!

I also love to read, play chess, scrabble, and write letters, poems, articles, and music! So if you´re interested to writing someone with those type of qualities, here I am. Look no further you shouldn’t pass me up!

If you want to start a new friendship write me!
Please contact me!


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