Hinrichtungen 2018: min. 690 plus 'Tausende' in China

Jeff W.

Are you lonely? do you feel like noone cares about you or loves you? Well thats just a lie that people puts into our heads.There is always someone who cares. Hi my name is Jeff i have been on TX DR for over (22 years) And i have had many People write to me (but) i have also learned a hard lesson in here and that is my so called friends leave for different reasons and i have except that because thats (Prison Life), even most if not all of our family starts to lie, not write or help for different reasons and that makes me 2nd guess myself which (i have never) done before and i can’t understand why they leave. I say this because i love to listen and help others if given the chance. (why)
Because that is when i am (most happiest) that is what makes me not give up because i take my unhappiness & pain and make others smile and feel good with my sorrow. (I have always) been this way and being on D/R for something that i didn’t do has not changed me and never will. To me friendship, love and relationships are a precious gift when done right. It’s designed to give comfort to the giver and receiver. SO WHERE ARE ALL THE GOOD GIRLS and woman, of the ol days that stay by there firends, love, boyfriend or husband instead of leaving without trying to fix the problem (Why) give up so easily or hurt someone so close this doesnot make sence to me because there is always up’s and downs in Relationships & life and that will never change. Sometimes someone has to give even if they are right and compromise and show selfless instead of saying things to hurt a friend or love. Noone likes to be hurt, lonely, or feel like they are a Noone. So if your lonely, hurt or just want to write then write to me cause i will listen and care just give me a chance and send me a letter with your name and address and you will get a Responce from me. anyhow leave as I came with the utmost Respect.

Sincerely Jeff


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