Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Jay Drummond


My name is "Jay Drummond", I'm 34 years of age, I'm currently imprisoned at "Chillicote" (C.C.I.) "Death Row" in Chillicothe, OH, 45601 (Box 5500) USA where I've spent the last 9 years of "my life" for a crime that I did not commit and that a fair trial of facts will support. Because of the injustice that I was subjected to due to over zealous procecutors and imcompetetent court appointed trial attorneys, the federal district court (of appeals) saw fit to overturn the unjust guilty verdict and death sentence against me and granted me a "new trial" as of right now, I'm sitting in prison with no sentence against me at all and it's because of this new development that I'd like to humbly ask you and anyone that you know who is passionate about justice rectifying wrong, to please read the following synopsis about this case against me! and to please help support the "Jay Drummond" legal defense fund which will allow me access to competent representation that was denied to me during the first trial and that will go a long way in exonerating me in this next trial. There is no  physical evidence, no DNA, no exewitness (or witnesses), no weapon, no nothing to link me to this crime and that's because I didn't commit this crime. How could anyone not only be found (wrongfully) guilty of a crime with no evidence and even more so, be sentenced to death!?! The state (prosecutor) let two guys perjure teirselves (knowingly) in order to get a conviction. Judge "Lars Lioi" turned out to be a fair judge and rightfully granted me a "new trial" on appeal. I've missed out on so much over the years due to this false imprisonment. My kids were 18 months and 9 months of age. I truly appreciate everyones assistance in this unfortunate situation that I'm dealing with and I would like to thank you for your time and compassion in this matter. All proceeds, checks and money orders are to be addressed to "Jay Drummond", Box 260, Brice, OH 43109 - or here to Chillicothe Correctional Institution


Jay Drummond

C.A. Please feel free to contact me personally through my web site and email address or institutional address here at C.C.I. if you have any questions. I'd really like to hear from you and I will respond immediately!

Jay Drummond
P.O. Box 5500 DR 3 423
Chillicothe, OH 45601