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Lancelot Armstrong

Lancelot Armstrong, currently on death row in Florida, is seeking help. The text below has been sent to us by his penpal Peter Koch.

Lancelot Armstrong was born in 1963 in Jamaica and immigrated to the USA in the 80s. He is the father of six children and is convicted of shooting one police officer and of injuring a second one during a robbery in 1990. In 1991, Lancelot Armstrong was sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer. Wane Coleman, the actual killer of the police officer, was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for robbery.

Lancelot Armstrong: “I have been wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder. I did not commit this crime!“

The main witness for the prosecution today states as follows about her interrogation which led to the death sentence for Lancelot Armstrong. Kay Allen: „When I said that Lance had not fired a gunshot, they said this wasn’t true… how else could it have happened? What I thought how else it could have happened and so on… And all this while they were showing me the pictures of Greeny at the mortuary…. When I walk through Broward, then I walk fast because these pictures will haunt me until I die. Nothing seemed to change their mind, this dude didn’t do it, but this dude did it, this was the base of what I had to say. What I want to say is they simply did not want to hear anything else. And they wanted to hear that he did it and this was what they wanted. They wanted to have someone guilty of the death of their colleague, I understodd this and I would have to live with the blood of this guy on me until I die. I know that he didn’t do it. He always carried his gun for his own safety only. As I said, Lancelot was just at the wrong place with the wrong person in that night.“

Kay Allen was there during the whole incident.

Lancelot: “There is an eyewitness and evidence of my innocence, yet I am deprived of my basic rights.” Exculpatory evidence was ignored!

There are many inconsistencies in the case of Lancelot Armstrong. He told about him being prevented from defending himself properly. At times, he was denied access to paper, pens, envelopes and important phone calls.

Lancelot: „This injustice I have suffered has destroyed my life and the lives of my family. Not only for myself, but most importantly for my dear children who had their Father and provider stolen away from them because of this unconscionable situation. Judgemental prosecution and knowingly transgressed laws disadvantage me in my case.“

During his incarceration, Lancelot became an artist and draws beautiful pictures.

Further information about the case, recent developments, explanation and Lancelot’s writings and drawings are accessible on his website on www.lancelot-armstrong.de. The website also provides detailed information on how exactly you can help. (Website is in German language, but original documents are in English!)