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Anthony B.


My name is Anthony. I was born in Tucson, Arizona. My birthday is September 5th, 1971.
I'm looking to write someone that's open minded, honest, intelligent, understanding, caring and fun. This has been and will continue to be a long hard road I'm on but it would certainly help to have someone special in my life. I am a very open minded person. I do however understand the limitations I'm under - still, life is what we make of it, and I simply ask for a chance to become a part of your life.
My hobbies and interest vary so I'm sure we can find somethings in common. I just ask that you take the time to get to know me and allow me the chance to get to know you. Please, don't judge me for where I am but get to know me for who I am.
Like I said before, I'm a very open minded person. I tend to speak my mind so, please be able to handle that from me and know that I will appreciate you speaking your mind to me as well. I also have a great sense of humor, or so I've been told (smile)
You can ask me anything, about anything, and at anytime....knowing you will get open and honest answers.
Since you're reading this, it means the door to you world is halfway open and you know what you have to do now in order for me to come in (smile) I look forward to hearing from you.
Until then...take care!


If you want to write this inmate, please send an e-mail to sekretariat@initiative-gegen-die-todesstrafe.de and ask for his address.


Last update: May 2018



Please, excuse me if I began to ramble
but, my life is in shambles
scattered, shattered.... my mind battered
by loneliness, and confusion.
I long for a transfusion of feelings... I need healing.
Once upon time, I had the world by the tail -
in the palm of my hand.... yes, I was the man.
Now, my mind wonders and ponders, as I try to slumber -
thinking long on days passed.
Pulling pigtails, and skipping class... why don't good times last??
I dwell in the shell of a man I used to be, and I am -
as I fight back the tears with no success.
Have I give my best... I think not!
But at the moment I remain ... Devastated!
A mere fraction of the man people used to see,
nothing of the man I want to be.
So, as my eyes grow tired and my soul weary -
I scream out but it seems no one hears me....
I am Devastated
I have been told "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"
So I sit and I hunger...
I ride the tide of my pride, waiting for this storm to subside.
Knowing there is more for me than devastation.
Yes my life is in shambles, my mind tends to ramble.
A mere fraction of a man but, I'm strong!
So, devastated or not.... I go on!!



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