Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Isiah P.

To whom it may concern,  

It is encouraging to know that there are coalitions such as yourself fighting to abolish the death penalty, and as much as I don't know what to expect in death, even more so, I fear the thought of dying lonely.  

I don't have an updated photo of myself, nor am I knowledgable of all that I need to set-up a website. So if you can create an application from the following information, it would also bring me much needed encouragement and hope.

Until these unfortunate circumstances, I was a hard working family man with a love for life, children, and the persuit of happiness. My passion is making music. I love dancing, theater, and sports.  

Do you have a pen pal for me?  

Sincerely seeking a friend.  



If you want to write this inmate, please send an e-mail to sekretariat@initiative-gegen-die-todesstrafe.de and ask for his address.


Last update: October 2017