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Daniel C.

Dear Pen pal,

to the person/as who decides to pick up a pen and meet me on the inky highway this is for you. My name is Daniel C. I am 37 yrs old Five seven. I have drk brown eyes. I am from Southern California but I was born in Mexico and raised part of my life there Then got brought over a better life. I am currently housed at San Quentin Prison Death Row (under a death sentence) I am in the appeal process Fitting my case in hopes to obtain my freedom or relieve from this death sentence which is very possible.

I love music. I love to work out, Draw if stick Figures count. Well I'm learning. Socialize, read, and educate myself with as much as positive things as I can to pass my time. I'm in a place now where I'm learning about myself and who I am as a person. I am now after sorting through a live of not so great decisions and moments. Ready to meet. Connect. And have friends in my my life to share this journey with. I am not letting my past define me but redefine me. And the scars of the past mentally, physically, emotionally and metaphorically show me where I have been and they do not dictate where am I going. But have allowed me to be the strong. Loyal and honorable person I am today, I am looking for friends who are open to learning from one another and to encourage help to expand each others horizons. I am not interested in performing for anyone or to act like something I am not. If I have to met a certain criteria or standard to warrant your friendship than you are not the friend for me. I love people who are real, authentic and know what it means to be a true friend. So to my new friends who read this I want to tell you, if you need some extra encouragement, if you would like to be reminded once in a while that you are special and why. If you would like a smile to be brought to your face I want you to remember this You are important in the eyes of the world through those who love you like you and I want you to know how important you are in the eyes of my world because I am looking for you.

True friendship is a great benefit to those who understand it's meaning. It is earned. And many sacrifices and positive compromises have to be made to achieve it. A person hast to be a great listener as well as good talker and need to be understanding. Patient. Loving. These things are important in oder for it to survive. The essential features of true friendship and loves expressions are two fold. Effective love shown by deeds and actions. It's typical forms are care and compassion and it's qualities are warm and tenderness. This is the man and friend I am today with the full knowledge of what it means to love and be a friend and even more. Thank you for picking up a pen and taking a chance on me. You will not be disappointed.

Sincerely and respectfully submitted
your friend Daniel C.


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