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James O.

I'm in need of somebody who might be interested in pen-paling me here in prison. Where I am housed/living is San Quentin California's death row. I arrived here 8/15/83 - was arrested on these charges 5/3/80 - a very long time ago.

I'll have one of my short story poetry I'd written with this. It'll help expressing who I am within this penpal ad.

My name is James - go by Jim or Jimmy. Am white weighing around 210 pounds. Was born in Aberdine Brown County, South Dakota 7/28/49 .. 64 this year. Am rather healthy for my age. No medical hands up. Was married once to Glenda.

Am divorced. I have a daughter named Evelyn, born 10/69. With five grandkids - the last I heard there's two great grandkids. Been living in this California Bay Area most all my life not far from San Quentin itself. My parents moved the family to this beautiful place when I was 5yrs old. I love to write. I type more than write anymore.

I am searching to find some good company in mail.


'Marsden/O Motion'  1. 'Court #106'

'Bandit' :

A young lady I love very dearly ... my daughter Evelyn ... just now helped open from inside myself ...

About a certain dog she found and gave to me:

Bandit was the name given to him ...

Bandit then was the baby to my lone family with me

going away up in the far away hills

... just Bandit and I trying to start something all over ...

Bandit was just a big yet little puppy, was truly the baby of my little lone family going away ... buildin' something needed

to be away from society ... other people to leave me alone. Bandit was with me my true last trip out there/arriving back

in this unwanted to be Bay area again/it was the last. Another young lady Christine I loved as a very dear friend is who

adopted my Bandit ... removing Bandit out of that not wanted place he was then at ... she's takin' good care of him ...

his family of his-own I know too/is within that family as he belonged with them. I have no contact to Christine with Bandit ...

Evely I do know now and then. I'll always love Evelyn very dearly ... we are just in two complete different worlds ...

where I am ... isn't even life here.

That dog Bandit with Christine now was the second dog named Bandit in my family/within my life: the first Bandit was

the baby of mine and Glenda's family then starting/our real baby is Evelyn: she was born 10/16/69 in Lodi ... Bandit's still

our little baby, too.

Our first Bandit;

He was caged/locked up in a dog pound. One night Glenda and I drove by ... I broke him out of his jail by myself.

So many other dogs and of all types ...

In there that one dog stood out in my mind.

I'd kicked the gate at the back of that pen holding

place/opened outside is how I was inside ...

The cage Bandit was in was easy/Bandit was

shocked what's happening then with all

those other dogs barkin' so loud

... he wasn't barking any then ...

'Marsden/O' Motion 2. 'Court #106'

I picked him up put him in our car

... we were gone ...

still in shock he was still closer to home/he

knew he was then close to his home

finally movin' around and barked then too ...,

Somebody poisoned/killed that Bandit in Londi shortly after Evelyn was born ...

how Bandit had died then - it must have been that was done to him ... our baby Bandit ... was gone.

I buried him/Bandit at his favorite place ... a little creek up by Lodi ... our Bandit's buried under a bigger rock there ...

if I ever know of or come across who did that ... Bandit's very alive inside this man's heart ... forever will be too!

In 1975 a bus trip when I went to the pen my prior time ... that prison bus was all over this state picking up

inmates to different pens ... we drove right by that creek where Bandit then was.

It was nice .. yet painful deep inside ... to see that creek ... from deep inside myself ... then and now still in memories ...

still so alive within me ...

Within my mind: I saw Bandit there happy ... then it still hurts ...

'Both those Bandits'

'Were and are the little baby in the family'

'They are so different/yet are the same Bandits'

'Both Bandits loved very much'


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