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Willie C.

Dear friend,

Please allow me to take this time to introduce myself. I am an inmate at Greene County Correctional facility in Waynesburg, PA. I have only been incarcerated since 2002 at the age of 24. I have long ways to go before I see any light of the real world, but while I am here I would like to meet new friends that would understand my true feelings and pain of my every day lifestyle. With this letter I am hoping to catch a glimpse of different places of the wonderful world that I am missing. Maybe striking up a fun relationship in between small talks.

Books and magazines can hardly replace lively people and interacting with you would mean much more to me because the pulse of life for me is in the moments with others. So much is going on in the free world, your views can broaden my sight and sense beyond these walls, or you might yourself want a glimpse of life in these here shadowy parks. What is weighing on your mind right now? Follow through my way with some cheers. I need that since yesterday.

Thanks for having read this far, now I must share a little bit more about myself:

Race: African American, Age: 37, Birthday: 5-15-1977, Zodiac sign: Taurus.

Hobbies: Reading, working out, listening to music of any kind, but favorites are: oldies of the 70's & 80's and R&B.

If you like to know more about me please feel free to ask when / if you decide to write me and I would be gladly to share more.

I am seeking for a man or woman it really doesn't matter as long as I hear from you soon. I hope through what you have read guide you my way to becoming future friends. I really hope for that dearly.


If you want to write this inmate, please send an e-mail to sekretariat@initiative-gegen-die-todesstrafe.de and ask for his address.


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If you want to write an inmate of our website, please send an e-mail to sekretariat@initiative-gegen-die-todesstrafe.de and ask for his address. You'll get the pen pal request including the address and - if available - a picture via e-mail. Please read the information on our Pen Friends Site!