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Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Kevin D.

Guten Tag! Bon Jour! Hello To Everyone!
My name is Kevin. I am a Death Row prisoner in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. since my arrest on 29 October 1997. It will mark 21 years in October 2018. I do not have the typical background for a person in prison. I had no prior criminal record. I was 38 years old when arrested, with 20 years experience as an operation manager and investigator. The first 9 years were with Contract Security Companies, the next 11 years were with Restaurant and Retail Corporations. I dedicated my life to protecting the lives and property of my clients, customers and employees. So, you can imagine how I feel, being an innocent man on Death Row. I was also happily married for nearly 13 years with three children. The corrupt police in my case exploited their trauma with lies and turned them against me. I lost my family, my wife divorced me, and I have no contact from my now grown grandchildren. The pain in my heart is impossible to describe. I do have the love and support of some family members and very good friends. The Pennsylvania Attorney General Office was notified by the trial prosecutors in 2007 that they had destroyed key evidence that had never been provided to the defense, namely, the recordings of the emergency phone calls and the case files of the jailhouse informants. At my request, lawyers from Philadelphia who work on Death Penalty Appeals using grant monies and private donations, took over my case in 2007. They did a true investigation that uncovered evidence that not only proves that I am innocent, but proves serious misconduct by the trial judge, prosecutors, police, trial jurors, and even the defense lawyers. There is a document court record of misconduct in York County, Pennsylvania. In 2007 and 2008, my new lawyers filed huge appeals with the new evidence. The Attorney General office refused to turn over evidence requested and three different York County judges did nothing to schedule any appeal hearings as of 2013. Finally, a judge from another County was assigned, and he dismissed my appeals without any hearing on the grounds that my lawyers are not permitted to help me. The issue is now in Federal Court. If they decide to remove my lawyers, my appeals will never be heard. If I am permitted to keep my lawyers, both appeals will need to be filed all over again. I live in solitary confinement, 24 hours a day. My Attorneys visit a few times each year from far away. A Catholic nun visits me twice a year. It is hard to be alone all these years with no human contact. It is important to me to receive letters, and I could use your friendship and support. Thank you.


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Last update: October 2018



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