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Daryl W.

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I’m wondering, how to introduct my self & share what life is like existing inside a cage on death row ( alone & lonely ) describs this existent. At times, it feel like the walls are closing in on top of me. This environment alter how I think, smothering out beautiful thoughts & any pleasant dream(s). Loneliness cause me to feel, there isn’t anyone beyound this walls for me one who has time to talk with me, listen as I share my thoughts & days. Death row, effects the mind.


Help, is what I need. It wont come from my family, they abandon me years ago. My father just passed away, hadn’t seen him in years he had been dead for 2 ½ months before anyone told me. My mother, is 71 years old, will she pass away without me ever seeing her alive again…I can only wonder. Dealing with these emotional thoughts and death row is enough to warp anyone sense of reality, sense of self hopelessly loosing my focus where it becomes difficult trying to navigate through a mental emotional maze - Where I’m desperately trying to fine my true self. As away to escape this reality I dream, of finding one person whose able to demonstrate unconditional attention, love & support. These thoughts live inside my mind as my days, months, years move forward of finding that special woman - until this dream seem so real because inside my mind I found you. My desire open reality door, to injustice which has placed me inside this cage for a crime I didn’t commit.

My heart cries as I suffer, starring into the darkness of this lonely cage acknowledging how the justice system roped my of my freedom, this has turned my dreams of having a family of my own into a nightmare. A nightmare, that always begin on a beautiful sunshining day trees are being blown from side to side. Birds are sing as I stroll through the park with my family. Running behind my children, the two joys of my life is my loving woman - on this beautiful sunny day. Life can’t get any better for me…Bullets started ripping through the air the bodies of my family is being torn apart by this small missiles. Screams escape out of my children as their mother is cut down like a falling tree, trying to make it the children side - she made it. Covering the groung is the blood shooting from her body, life beging to exit her slowly holding my daughter in her arms.

This nightmare of injustice fills my mind, the system has taken away the family I’ll never have an oppurturity to have - because it was the system that stole my life. This grim depiction of human nature, reveals a extreme pitfall of what life is for me living on death row…A nightmare without someone special in my life, will you write to me ? .
General information: raised in Houston, Texas. I’m 40 something years old, brown eyes, black hair; sexual origin straight; I enjoy doing things outside, riding bicycle, taking walks & and I love fishing. I love learning about nature & animals. I enjoy listening to R&B, Jazz, Rock, & a little classical music. I enjoy good conversation and open minded people interested in exchanging your thoughts and opinions on things going on in your life. Race is unimportant. While inside this cage, I enjoy reading books on everything although I enjoy writing. I would really enjoy getting to know anyone interested in getting to know me & be apart of my life…

Look forward to your letter
Daryl W. 

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