Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Julius M.

Dear Interested Party,

I believe in individuality and personally understand that we all are surprisingly creative in the innovations of our personality circuit.
Though we live in a nonlinear world we are intriguingly linear in most of our interactions.
Though I am currently on Texas Death Row, there isn't much difference from living a freer life under more governmental regulations, as I, too, am under regulations. Therefore I am inclined to believe life is more simplistic than complex, or at least, this is what I have observed when dialoguing with reasonable minds. It is my desire to fill my existence with that standard of being that is highly active.
Some tidbits about me:
I enjoy good reading; more educational than novelty. I am physical and take pleasure out of exercising. I am easily able to talk to about all the mysterious entertainments of being human. smiling! You know, an healthy exchange of cognitive communication that leads to practical solutions and a hearty release of pent up frustrations.
It would be a real pleasure to be up and close with my communicative exchange. To better gauge extralinguistics: body language says alot. Smiling!
I am 39 years of age an adventurous mind that  likes to explore the delicate intricacies of the female reality. Being a man in a man's prison leaves me little fairer sexual delights in the sexualities of being human. I know no one enjoys being desersitized and cut-off from what is necessary to making us feel connected to life.
Therefore I am looking for reasonable minds I can further develope longevity with and to systemize better structure for the evolution of creativity in a relationship/ friend ship. Feel free to be yourself for I will only offer a relief from too much stereotypical minded behaviourisms and secrecy.
I like music preferably alternative and active rock but take joy in most genres of music. I look forward to developing a more structuralized system of self – actualization and close with words from Donella 4. meadows book. Thinking un systems a primer: At a time when the world is more messy, more crowded, more interconnected, more interdependent, and more ways of seeing, the better.
The systems – thinking lens allows us to reclaim our intuition about whole systems and
- here our abilities to understand parts,
- see interconnections,
- ask “what - if” questions about possible future behaviour,
- and be creative and courageous about system redesign

Then we can use our insights to make a difference ( in our personal investments) in ourselves and our world.

Respectfully yours,


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Last update: October 2018



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