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2006: First German Speaking Tour with Juan Melendez

In 2004 the German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty had the idea to bring an exoneree from death row to Germany. We believed that doing this together with other human rights organizations would be better in order to make clear that all of these organizations stand closely together in the fight against the death penalty.  

In January of 2006 the first tour finally started with Juan Melendez, a man who spent close to 18 years on death row in Florida for a crime he did not commit and who – as he says himself – did not get out of there because of the system but ‘in spite of the system’.  

There were altogether 19 events throughout the tour and about 3500 people heard the story Mr. Melendez had to tell. Apart from the events, media coverage was also very important to pass the story on to even more people. So for example Spiegel-Online wrote about Juan Melendez’ walk through hell in its article ‘Ich bin ein Überleber’ (I am a survivor).  

More information about the tours with Juan Melendez can be found here.


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