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Robert C.


My name is Robert, I was born September 10, 1972 in Houston Texas, 2 month after I was born my father moved us to Louisiana with his mother Amelia, my grandmother! Everything was good, but not great, the reason I say that is because, we had a roof over our head and food to eat, which was provided by my grandmother Amelia and my father Wilbert, my mother Wilda who didn’t work because she was taking care of me and my 2 older brothers and the older sister at the time! And I was the baby at the time! So after about 2 years my father and grandmother had gotten into an argument about something, so we moved back to Houston Texas with my aunt Joyce, my father only sister, which she had 4 kids herself! So we was making it with what we had! She had a 3 bedroom house, but it had 2 dens, so we had to make those for our sleeping rooms, which wasn’t much!

And that’s when it all started… My father started verbally abusing my mother, I mean any lillte thing he would surse her, then leave and stay out all night! He got another woman pregnant around the same time that my mother had me: Which we didn’t find out until 12 years later!

So after about 3 years with my aunt, her and my mother had along talk, she anted us to leave, so my mother asked her would she give her a few month to find a job>>> My mother found a job a month later, so with her first 2 checks my mother got us an apartment, my father wasn’t to happy about that, but he didn’t make to much of a fuss, because the money was not coming out of his pocket!

But he was still up to his same old cheating ways!!!....So about 2 years later my mother was working overtime to make some extra money for the house, so my father came home and did not see my mother, and he had a fit, which means he beat all of us, even after we told him that mom was working overtime>>>So when she came home he beat her too! Because he thought that she was out doing what he’s been doing to her Cheating! He took it out on us because we was there at the time! But what he didn’t know that my mother was pregnant with my littler sister Monique! But after he found out, the beatings got worse for us, Because he didn’t hit my mother because she was pregnant!!!!

He would come home drunk waking up everybody at 3:00 am in the morning talking about clean up the house! The house was already clean! But you couldn’t tell him that, this went on every 3 days out of the week, I was only 7 years old>>> Then after my little sister Monique was born, he started back beating my mother, he would beat her so bad, that sometimes she couldn’t even got to work for a week and then she would get fired, so we had to move, because of evictions>>> In the next 3 years we moved about 6 times because of evictions!

My father was very abusive, we was so scared that we would take turns sleeping at night, thinking that heÄd come in ouor room and beat us, which he did! But we felt that seeing it coming was a lot better than not seeing it and waking up hollering not knowing what’s happening! When I turn 10 my mother was pregnant again with Amelia who is now my baby sister and is named after my grandmother. The beatings started rough again for us, But I wasn’t scared any more, I was angry and tired of it, so I started trying to help my mother, which only made it worse for me, buzt I didn’t care because I felt like I was helping my mother, evertime he would start hitting my mother I would bust through the door with my baseball bat, which the results was always the same he would knowck me up side my head and send me back to my room, but I’d do the samething everytime! This went on the next 3 years. One day he hit my mother in the face with the telephone and knoecked out some of her teeth, that did it for me, I left home at 13 years old, I was looking for a gun, because I said that either he was going to kill me or I was going to kill him!!

My mother didn’t try and stop me from moving our, because the knew the reason, I would only come around when I knew he wasn’t home! One day I came home and my 2 baby sister’s was there with my older sister, my mother was out looking for work because she had gotten fired from the last job because of the telephone deal, so my baby sister’s was sitting next to me and both of there little stomachs started grawling, so I ask them have they ate anything today and they said no, and I’m like why not, they said ain’t nothing to eat, my heart just dropped! I just got up and told them that I’d be back, and they started crying so I ask them what’s wrong, they both said we want to go with you, the tears were in my eye’s, but I would not let them fall in front of them because I felt that I had to be strong for them, I just said wait for me right here I’ll be back in 20 minutes! On my way to the store I cried all the way there, but becore I went in I got myself together and went in the store and I didn’t have a dime to my name, but I wasn’t leaving that store until I had some food for my little sister’s, so I stoble about $20.00 worth food and took it to my little sister’s, the smile on there faces were priceless, I sat there and watched them enjoy themselves with a bid smile on my heart and face, but not for long because my father came home, I didn’t move because I was going to protect my little sister’s by any means neccessary>>> Now he had the nerves to ask them what’s that ya’ll eating, talking about let daddy get a bite, I said I be damm, you don’t get nothing, so we started arguing, so he call him self the just going to take some food, I said go ahead and I pulled my gun, I told him it will be the last bite he ever take, so he sat the stuff back down and just looked at me, then he said get out of his house, I said I’m not leaving nowhere until my little sister’s finish eating and I didn’t leave until they sinish, and before I left I let him have it about how can he sit up there and call himself a daddy when these littl e girls, his little girls sitting here hungry, I told him that he was a sorry excuse for anybody’s father…

I’d been on the streets since I was 13 years old, I never had anybody to tell or encourage me to stay in school and to do something with my life, I know how to play basketball real good and I feel that if I had that encouragement I could have been something in life, but the streets tought me all I know!

My mother finally left my father after one night she ask him did he want to go out, he said no but she could go on, so she asked him to give her a ride, so he said no, so she said cool, so she got a ride from a male friend, and my father followered her, and when she got home he triend to stabb her talking about she was cheating on him, how was that so when she asked him to take her, but she finally left him!

I had to teach myself how to read and write when I came to prison, but I made it my mission to make sure my sister’s finish school, they started school while I was locked up, but I wrote them all the time about finishing school, which they did, that made me proud of them and I know it made my mother very proud! This past February I had seen my mother for the first time in 13 years, I don’t have much family support, they write every now and then to let me know they are doing o’kay! I have 2 other sister’s on my father side and a brother, which I still have not seen! I’ve met and got to know my other 2 sister’s when I was in the free world Alice and Terri…



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