Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

Assumption: The German and European criminal law is too slack; criminals get back on the street far too quickly and become repeat offenders.

Quotes from letters:

........Just because the EU has a total 'soft-cake' legal system und abolished the death penalty does not make it a solution by far.........
....... You, too, will think differently when one of your relatives is murdered in a bestial way and the murderer released a few years later based on 'good conduct'.........

There have been a few spectacular cases in Germany, in which psychologically disturbed offenders were released due to incorrect psychological evaluations and became delinquent again. One should not however come to the populist conclusion: The death penalty or 'locking them away and doing this forever'. (Federal Chancellor Schröder)

The protection of the general public against dangerous offenders is without a doubt of high value and as long as a threat proceeds from an offender, he should naturally not be roaming free.

On the other hand, it is a commandment of humanity, to grant each human the chance for change and not to cast out any human from the community irretrievably as is the case with the death penalty.

As tragic as the murders are, in particular from repeat offenders, the very often-lurid version of the press has drawn a completely biased picture of the effectiveness of the German criminal law and stirred up an utterly exaggerated fear of crime and fed the call out for harsher punishments.

When comparing the situation in Germany with that of the US concerning the crime rate and the criminal law, one comes to the conclusion that in the US,
despite of draconian punishment for petty crimes,
despite of the death penalty and
despite of over 2 million prisoners

the crime rate as well as the murder rate is substantially higher than in Germany with its comparatively mild criminal law.

The discussion paper of Floyd Feeney University of California at Davis School of Law Davis, California (1998) provides a detailed comparison between the American and German prosecution system on behalf the U.S. Department of Justice: German and American Prosecutions

A comparison of the murder rate in the US and of European countries speaks for itself.

The argument harsher punishment = less crime, obviously does not withstand an empirical examination.       


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