Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China

The death penalty in Indonesia

Indonesias trend towards the death penalty during the last years

There was a bit hope that Indonesia would make moves towards the abolition against the death penalty and carry out less executions: Between 2009 and 2012 no one has been executed. President Joko Widodo showed cooperation and positive attitudes in terms of respecting the standards of international humanitarian law.

But only shortly after Joko Widodo took office in October 2014, the president showed his real attitude: Within only three months after 6 people were executed by shooting in January 2015 for drug related crimes. Another 8 people were executed in April 2015. 12 out of the 14 executed people were foreign citizens.  

More than another hundreds of people are currently on Indonesia´s death row, most of them have been sentenced to death due to drug related crimes or murdering, 2 death row inmates were convicted because of terroristic offenses.

Amnesty International investigated the trials of 12 people in Indonesia who were condemned to death. The investigations and research led to the assumption of severe deficiencies and faults within Indonesia´s judicial system. Half of the inmates reported, that they were forced by brutal hits from the police to make confessions. Other incarcerated prisoners experienced torture and other ways of abuse after being sentenced to death.

Once condemned and incarcerated, the inmates in Indonesia have almost no possibility to defend themselves or receive adequate legal support. Foreign citizens even do not get access to interpreters and thus cannot understand properly the accusations nor defend their rights.

Compare: Amnesty International: "Flawed Injustice: Unfair trials and the death penalty in Indonesia", 2015.

Methods of execution in Indonesia

The common method of execution in Indonesia is shooting. The incarcerated inmates get noticed only 72 hours before the day of their execution. When executions start, the inmates can decide wether they want to sit or stand up and if he/she want his eyes covered by a blindfold or prefers his head covered fully by a hood.  

Executions in Indonesia are carried out by 12 armed men, 3 of them with charged rifles, the other 9 guns are not loaded. The captivate get shot from a distance of 5 to 9 meters. According to Indonesias law, death shootings are not allowed to be carried out in public.

Crimes, offences and felonies under the death penalty

In Indonesia are several offences and crimes which are under the death penalty: Murdering, robbery, extortion, piracy, terroristic attacks, terroristic activitites or plans, drug trafficking, drug possession, corruption, espionage, treason or military offenses.

Last updated: December 2015