Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China


The death penalty can be imposed in Vietnam in case of 29 crimes, among them crimes against the national security, murder, drug offences and cases of white-collar crime such as fraud and embezzlement.

In the year 2008 at least 19 people were executed according to Amnesty International, the following years it was at least up to ten.

Starting 2011 death sentences were planned to be executed by lethal injection. Until then they were executed by a firing squad and frequently took place in public according to reports. Because Pakistan was not able to get the chemicals needed for the lethal injection, after a break of 18 months without any execution in 2013 seven people were executed by firing squad.

Family members of the inmates concerned are not informed in advance, but requested only two to three days after the execution to collect the belongings of the inmate.


Become involved

If you would love to do something against the death penalty but you just don’t have the time to become an active member of an organization and pen friendships have never been just the thing for you?  

There are many different ways one can become involved. We’ve collected a few ideas what can be done on these pages.