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Douglas A.


First of all my given name is, Douglas A., 45 years old age, standing 6"0ft tall, 225 pounds, all man and very handsome! I"m dark skinned with a bald head and nice, white teeth with a beautiful smile. I"m a very good, understanding and caring, open-minded young man that knows to treat people. I love to cook, clean, shop and do things together as a family! And it"s much more about myself as well.

I was convicted of a crime I didn't do but thanks God i have help now to prove my innocence. And i will be going back to court soon. :) One may wonder what the hardest part of being in prison is and that"s and easy question to answer. It"s at mail call. To see the men around you have their name called and not mine is extremely hard.

With this i"m looking for someone who understands friends can be the very reason why life is worth going through. Iam a good, friend, i know how to listen, and learn about people who come in contact with me, just so that i can lend the right advice when they are down and sad. I think friendship is a key aspect to peace and love on earth. I hope you have read tese words and feel compelled to write me and give me the opportunity to learn to know you. I promise that you will not be dissapointed at all. The value of friendship can never be measured at time, but instead in the worth of what each memeber involved brings to the connection. Waht kind of person i"m seeking to have as a friend is one that"s willing to be supportive of me as i want to do for them. I seek a person with an open mind to different subjects with a sense of humor and also a serious side to them. Age, race, are unimportant to me. What"s important to me is the willingness to develop a meaningful friendship that"s special to us both. If you are willing to have a friendship in a person that doesn"t care to play games then please write. You won"t be disappointed in the return letter to you. :) :) The value of a friendship is very special to me. I bring you trust and strength that you may use in any way you deem necessary. Take care and remember motivation dedication and inspiration can not prevail without participation. Committment is the key of success and achievement, to friendship.
Take care!!

Yours truly Douglas

Have a nice blessed day my new friend!!!


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