Executions in 2018: min. 690 plus 'thousands' in China


We are unable to translate all of our sites into English.

However, you will be well-informed on news about the death penalty,  if you go to Rick Halperin’s website which is the most thorough and up-to-date site we know.The fastest way to get international news about the death penalty is to join the abolish list at http://npogroups.org/lists/info/abolish; the list is very informative and contains all the information published by Rick as well.

Petitions save lives

"I know you can make a difference because it was people like you who saved Paula Cooper's life, and I thank you very much." (Bill Pelke)  

With your signature you as well can help to save people’s lives. You’ll find some up-to-date petitions here.      

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